How to Avoid Insecurity in Online Relationships

Within any relationship, it’s hard to be 100% happy, 100% of the time.

I believe that no matter how confident one may be, any average dater will usually come to a point where they have doubts or insecurities when in a relationship.

Generally, it can range from nit-picky aspects you wish you could change about your significant other, disapproval for how they act, anxiety of being not good enough for them, or weariness on where you two will be in the future.

The list goes on, and I haven’t even gotten into specifics!

It’s hard enough going through the rough points of a regular, offline relationship but imagine if you had these doubts (and honestly much more) while being in an online relationship. 

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Why You Should Tell the Truth About Your ‘Online Love’

Keeping your online relationship a secret from others is something I can relate to, yet, it is something I discourage you from doing.

It’s hard enough opening up to your parents about your personal life, friends who may judge you easily, or relatives that you only see once a year at family get-togethers. But when it’s something most consider out of the ordinary, such as an online relationship, it makes telling the truth that much more difficult.

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The Prejudice of Online Relationships

Online relationships often come with two packs of sugar and a whole lot of prejudice. You would think that with how much society has advanced due to technology that there would be more of an understanding towards online relationships. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case. 

When you confess your online romance, people often say one of these things:

“What? You’re in an online relationship? Are you sure the person is who they say they are?”

“You need to be careful! They could be dangerous!”

“How can you love someone you’ve never even met?”

Those are just a few inquiries that have been shot at myself. I find that although most people believe this to be just general concern, there is prejudice involved in it too.

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