Pictures from My Trips to See my Long-Distance Love

If you have not read my personal story on how I met my boyfriend Ty, then you wouldn’t know that I frequently visit New Mexico to visit him about twice a year. Below are some pictures from my travels throughout the years.

My first trip in December 2012: I will always have fond memories of my first trip in Ty’s old house. I remember feeling right at home with him and his mom in their quaint decor.  Many of the pictures you see are from little shops in Old Town, where there are a lot of handmade items to browse and purchase. I stayed for New Years that trip.

One of my most recent trips in May 2016: During this trip we spent days having picnics, bike riding, going to the mall and taking amusing train rides in this train that goes around the inside of the mall to entertain kids. We went to a famous restaurant called The Range, where celebrities sign the plates, and had their well known meat loaf. In a picture below, the crew from Breaking Bad signed a plate, and we even went on an excursion to look at Walt and Jesse’s house from the show. I have to say, it’s one of my favourite shows, and knowing that it (and Better Call Saul) was filmed where I’ve been, makes me geek out every time I go there.

Of course these aren’t all of the pictures I have but I thought I would share a few! I’ve probably been 6-7 times now, yet a lot of the time it’s nice to just be lazy and hangout with Ty inside rather than do tourist-y stuff all the time in hot, desert weather.

Although, I have yet to see Santa Fe, which everyone talks about, and I keep bugging him about going the next time I’m there!

Where have you travelled to?

Your online friend,


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